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Good morning and welcome to my website

My name is Catherine Woolley and I have five years of experience as a designer in the games industry. On here you can find examples of my work plus links to external sites with my work on, my blog which has updates on my current work and a little bit about myself.

If you wish to get in contact me about anything, feel free to send me an e-mail, or you can follow me on Twitter, or find me on Linkedin.

You can download my CV below, however if you would like a full CV with references and full employment history please send me an e-mail.

A little bit of information about me

  • I work in the games industry as a Designer in West Sussex
  • I regularly take part in 48 hour game making competitions
  • I took part in the hour Game Jam at Rezzed in 2012, it was pretty tough
  • I received a first class honours in Computer Games Design in 2009
  • I was born in Essex, and went to the University of Wales, Newport
  • I've been interested in how games were made since I was very young
  • I share a large collection of games with my twin sister Charlotte
  • I studied art throughout my school career, and have always been creative