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Sixty Six: Cheap chocolate recommendation


Very short and sweet post today, but I thought I'd mention it for any cookery fans/chocolate loving people out there. That thing is that I used to rely on Tesco's Value chocolate which at about 27p was a steal, plus wasn't a bad bar of chocolate. It… more »

Sixty Five: More cookies!


Peanut butter and chocolate yummy goodness! more »

Sixty Four: Baby Millipedes are growing


They're just the cutest! In the top right corner is Plato, if that helps show how little they still are. Although they've come a long way from looking like tiny little wormy things. Once Archimedes makes her presence known again (She's gone down under… more »

Sixty Three: Trenched!


So if you've been living under a rock since the release of Brutal Legend, you wouldn't know that Double Fine have been having a go in the XBLA/PSN scene as of recent. It really is recently though as they've managed to release 2 and a half games since… more »

Sixty Two: Games TM issue 38


So recently I've been arguing with a YouTube user over their calling me a "noob" as well as claiming my collection was crap. This then caused me to look back at the retro corner of Games TM for issue 38 back when I was 17, the issue in particular as… more »

Sixty One: Ren & Stimpy must return


Over the past few days I've been reminded again why I absolutely loved watching Ren and Stimpy as a child, and why I need to own the whole series. [video:youtube:EfBxxwZy9J4] Sorry about putting up a video that can't be embedded, but it takes you… more »

Sixty: I'm the King of the Cosmos!


My awesome t-shirt arrived and I'm totally wearing it to work tomorrow, I will be noting how many people recognise good old Carl. For anyone unsure I will give them a clue of "billion" in my best Carl impression possible, however I feel most may think… more »

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