One Hundred and Thirty One: A new addition to the Shenmue line

So for anyone that doesn't know, my favourite game is Shenmue (and Shenmue II) this doesn't of course mean I hate other games. Heck if anyone has been reading my blog or checking out the Gamercast YouTube stuff you'll know I will buy and play pretty much everything, and will enjoy the best pieces that a game has to offer.

So even with my wide love of games it all boils down to Shenmue in the end, it was the first absolutely massive experience that I played in a game and I couldn't believe just how rich it was. It of course has a lot of QTE events which I know derives away from gameplay, but they fit nicely among the hours and hours of gameplay within. I could go on and on about Shenmue, however I can just finish saying I would love if a day comes where Sega or someone just decides they'll take the plunge and give developing number III a go.

With it being one of my most favourite games I kind of started collecting copies of it (also thanks to Charlotte) so I've got copies that are PAL, NTSC-U and NTS-J as well as special copies like "What's Shenmue" or the "Project Berkley" disc that came with NTSC-J copies of Virtua Fighter 3tb. The list does just keep going, and well, now I've added something else to it. A nice little strategy guide for Shenmue which I picked up off NTSC-UK for the lovely cheap price of 2.50, bargain!

I'm always looking for more to add to my Shenmue collection (a mini collection derived off the main one) and it's nice that I now have a Japanese strategy guide for Shenmue I and II.


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Comment from: Spontanbesorger [Visitor]  
4 stars

As a big fan of the best game EVER I looked for Shenmue in twitter and found your blog :) I just added you to my list of "Shenmue fans worldwide" ( It's a German blog but with Google translations it's not a big problem to understand the content ;)

Do you have a list and/or pictures of your Shenmue Collection? I'd love to link to them or put them online :)

05/13/11 @ 07:42
Comment from: catherine [Member]
Catherine Woolley

I'll see what I can do about getting you a picture! :) Perhaps I'll make it an entry on my blog :)

05/13/11 @ 08:20
Comment from: Spontanbesorger [Visitor]

I'm looking forward to it :) Don't forget to add me on XBox Live ;)

05/13/11 @ 10:56