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Thirty Nine: Jesse Schell a man worth watching


So I have been very recently introduced to Jesse Schell, a games designer who has done some very interesting talks for a variety of conferences/events, as well as making an impact on games design. If you want to check out any of his stuff and don't h… more »

Thirty Eight: Looking for a writer


I've done a little advertising for our current available position we have at Gamercast on various parts of the internet, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to do a little more advertising for it here on my blog to make sure nobody really awesome slips… more »

Thirty Seven: Kooky Bakes


A slightly different post than my usual Sundays, as I don't have the time for a "looking back" which may be postponed till tomorrow. But today I'm going to do a shout out for a wonderful stall I happened apon today near Brick Lane. That stall was for… more »

Thirty Six: Time for some Chulip


A short while ago I purchased a new game based off a thread on a forum, saying it was a great game to import (as it never came to the UK's shores) so on a whim I bought it off ebay from someone based in the UK. Ever since it arrived I've been meaning to… more »

Thirty Five: Roalia Makaup, Looking back at SWG


So back in the day, which isn't that long ago as it was when I started Secondary school in 99 I got my first PC. It had taken a while but it was "needed" for school, plus the spectrum couldn't really do want current PCs could. So there was a purchase… more »

Thirty Four: Kooky anyone?


I have now found once again, something I really want to watch, I'm pretty good at finding films on the internet that from watching a trailer or seeing an image make me want to see the whole thing. The exact same happened with Brendan and the Secret of… more »

Thirty Three: Meet Conon


So the final member of the millipede crew is now to be announced, and that is the very young Conon. I actually bought him with Archimedes but thought I'd leave him till last as he's pretty similar to my babies so you can see a slightly older version.… more »

Thirty Two: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


Some I'm not a huge anime fan of any sorts, however I appreciate good animation, story and characters, so this makes me a little picky when it comes to watching anime, but it's usually for the best, meaning I feel that what I watch are some of the best animations out there, and I hope you agree with this choice. more »

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