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See ya


Well like the title says see ya all in a week, and I'll like make an entry then and stuff. more »


Well as I'm sure maybe some people guessed today was that I wasn't at school , Charmoo and myself went to the open day at Newport, um I won't comment on how I did not like the ride there, but after 4 hours we got there Caerleon was so beautiful, heck I… more »

Chibi Robo!!!


This game is so cute and amazing; I recommend anyone buy it that has a Gamecube and freeloader or a jap Gamecube. Seriously anyone of any age can play this, it can appeal to both kids and adults, obviously Japanese children as British ones may get a… more »

Gameboy Micro


Well I ordered a Gameboy micro the other day, so I can have one for my trip to Barcelona, and since we're traveling by bus I needed something to amuse myself, and since the DS can't be played on at the same time by two people I felt I wanted something… more »