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Bestest um Media teacher in the world :P


Ok well here's number two in the trilogy this is about my media teacher, good ol' Mr. Morris, I only started having him as a teacher from year 12 as I never took media before and that's pretty much all he teaches. So I've only known the guy two years… more »

Bestest art teacher in the world ^_^


Well I thought I'd do a few posts since I've now finished school, and I think I'll do three which are related to teachers (including this one). This here post is dedicated to the coolness of my art teacher Mr.Wadwell, from having years of crap art… more »



So my sister Emma is helping us with the prom and stuff, and we're having a hard time deciding what to do with my hair, mainly since she thinks I should have it down, but I prefer having it up ^^ and there's lots you can do with it, Emma reckons… more »