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Newport FTW


Ok not sure if anyone noticed, but I didn't mention anything about the uni I was going to, now people that know me should know where I'm going, but for those that don't I'll just give a run through of everything ^_^. I shall now be going to The… more »



A bit late but now's a better time than never... Ok so results day was back on the 17th of August, very nervy time, unsure of if I would get into my chosen uni or not, we set out pretty earlish and there were already quite a few people there, but not… more »

LocoRoco PSP pouch


Ok so second time lucky, I wrote up this entry a week back, but it had an error when I was saving it and I told it to go back, and it decided to wipe it, so yay I get to write it again. Ok so I had been interested in a psp for a while after seeing a… more »