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A game of chance


Now this is gonna be a bit of a weird entry...I'm mainly doing it for myself, or anyone that ever wants to know but can't remember. I'm talking about Kiwi fruits, one of the yummiest things in the world. I love eating them and haven't had any for… more »

Yay life drawing


Ok well after what is it...7 weeks of life drawing (I think) we have had a model today, and one two weeks back. And finally I've been able to draw slowly, as opposed to 10 second and 30 second sketches. Anywho more to the point, the two models we've… more »

Amazing Soup


Ok so after making the pumpkin (this was a week ago now) myself and Charlotte were tied over making pie or soup, Bill suggested pie, but I felt soup was easier. So I got the ingredients and stuff, and oh my golly gosh, made soup. This actually being… more »

Mr.McLeod the bestest Law teacher


Ok I know this is a little late, but I did Morris and Wadwell, so I have to do McLeod, I have a whole list of blog entries I have to do, so they may be a little old in what they're talking about...but at least it means I've done them ^_^. Ok well Law… more »