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Happy Birthday Jay!


Yes, Happy 19th Birthday Jay, now as you're all hidden away in Brighton or where ever myself and Charlotte decided to still throw you a little party of our own, as we're kinda lacking a common room to do it in. Now we know how much you love birthday… more »

Yay my first grade


Well I'm completely new to the whole university grading system, but I just got back my first piece of work, which was ironically the last piece I had given in. Anywho it was an essay on how digital games can produce play unlike that in pre-digital, in… more »

OMG Lumines attack!


Ok so myself and Charlotte had our termly trip to Southend, but this time it was different as we can't really get away with paying child fare on the bus anymore, so we decided to take a train, since it's cheaper that way, and only takes 20 minutes as… more »