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Microsoft Ink Desktop


Now Paul has probably done some post about ink stuff Cos of his tablet pc but I thought I'd show a little of why my tablet (wacom graphire 4) is absolutely lovely when using vista, not only am I writing this entry with a pen and tablet, but when l'm… more »

A little bit of drawing...or is it doodling


Ok well in honour of having work to do, I'm getting into the mood of drawing again, so I've just been doing a few pictures to keep myself busy. Now I know they ain't perfect, but this is just to speed up my drawing a bit. Click on the images to see a… more »

OMG new belt attack!


Ok well after going to Game On (must write up my entry on that :p) and buying myself a few lovely illustrated Jon Burgerman things I decided to have a look on his website, as it was on my two badges I have ^_^. So I had a look around, then looked at the… more »

First time flash user


Ok well yesterday, being Tuesday I had my first flash tutorial type thing, ok well for 3 hours or whatever it was, it was kinda a waste of time, as they guy was explaining all the tools, which is just photoshop common knowledge mainly, anywho I'm sure… more »