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I love handmade products


Ok so a few weeks back was the first games society meeting, in the games lab they have loads of magazines, so I was bored and flicked through some. I looked through Games Master, which I haven't done it a while, but they now do loads of different… more »

Revisting Kareshi Kanojo no Jijô


Years and years ago I'd bought myself the first dvd of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijô, or as known over here His and Her Circumstances, or as I will be calling it for short Kare Kano. After loving the series from the first dvd (and after reading the manga of… more »

Life drawing again *yay*


*Mature content warning, naked pictures* Ok so after the mentioning of life drawing from my lecturer Dave, and I also saw some posters up too. So of course with my love of life drawing I had to sign up, it did end up costing me like £70.50 for life… more »