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Impulse buying


And the title says it all really, the other day Valve put up a plushie hunter from half life 2 episode two on the store, so I had to buy it, and he has already found a home which is overlooking my work. I must say even though he was a little pricey, he… more »

Week 3 of the group project


Ongoing work: Edits to the gameplay map Work Assigned: Make the cat usable for the engine (re-model if needed) and if that gets sorted then orthographic images for the other cuddlies (good npcs) Ok well after hours and hours of trying to figure out… more »

Week 2 of the group project


Ongoing work: Edits to the gameplay map Work Assigned: Model the cat - the avatar of the game Ok well my "gameplay map" from last week proved successful, I have made a couple of changes which will be at the bottom of this weeks work at some point. I… more »

Gregory Horror Show Miniatures


Ok well a month of so back I purchased a box of 20 packs of Gregory Horror Show miniatures, as they were super cheap and just sounded awesome, a lot of waiting later I got them And I must say they are amazing, now the only reason I bought them was for… more »

Week 1 of the group project


Work Assigned: Gameplay map – the order in which events happen in the demo. Ok well at the meeting I was given the job to do a gameplay map, I felt a little dazed being given this as I was a little unsure of what it was exactly, even after being told… more »

Persona 3 Official Design works


Well a few weeks back I was having a look about on ebay and noticed someone with some interesting looking stuff, I then noticed they were selling the Persona 3 design works book, which is an art book. So immediatley I decided I would have to win it, a… more »

Toy Invasion research


Well our groups were given to us a few days after the pitch day, I have been grouped with Debbie, Duncan, Scott and Chris. And we were given the Toy Invasion project, no work had been set, so I felt I should carry out a bit of research into certain toys… more »