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Week 8 of the group project


Ongoing work: getting used to animating Work Assigned: cat run animation cat looking up animation model & texture a ball for the starting cutscene scale bear any other cat animations needed starting fmv maybe look about for sound effects… more »

Week 7 of the group project


Ongoing work: learning to rig Work Assigned: Draw up animation assest list and hand out models (yes somehow I've become the producer of the art side of the project) I got the cat to animate Ok so I knew this week would be harder than the previous as… more »

Week 6 of the group project


Ongoing work: Making sure stuff goes into engine. Work Assigned: Remodel the fembot, then hand to chris get back and then rig. Ok well work is never that easy to do when it's the easter holidays, but that's always because lazyness packs in. Anywho I… more »