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Hideo Kojima - MGS4 Signing in HMV Oxford Street, another unforgettable event for this year


With the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots just around the corner, Hideo Kojima being the amazing person that he is planned his MGS4 world tour. Starting off with London, so my sister and I had to go. We headed off to back home in… more »

Group Project


  Ok so the third year project is underway, I am in a group with three other people, Caryn, Andy and Rob, I've only managed to work with Caryn before so I'm excited to work with new people, especially after seeing work they have produced over the… more »



I am now scheduled to be on Gamercast episode 120, to talk about things, I'd reckon some Alone in the Dark info, the Kojima signing that took place on the 2nd and any other new releases I have played or have views on. You can check out the website at… more »

New project underway - Title TBC


After the lovely game project that is "Toy Invasion" two of our groups programmers Jim and Damian have asked if I'd like to help them try to produce a game over the summer, which of course I agreed to. I'm currently undergoing research for the project,… more »

Alone in the Dark Presentation and Inside Xbox


Wow well I must say I'm surprised a little, back on the 23rd of May myself and my sister went off to an Alone in the Dark presentation, as we were invited to go thanks to Tenebra on the Atari EU forums. As there was originally going to be a test/play… more »