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Void Updates Part Five


I produced these boards to help explain the progression that is involved with the Anemone Sea space, they go over the important parts which make up the level. I felt it would make modelling the level easier for us in the production stage, as when seeing… more »

Void Updates Part Four


Along with some help from Rob I managed to produce a layout of how the Anemone Sea will take place.     I'll just give a brief overview of the path that the character can go along, I won't go into depth on the spectacles that the player… more »

Void Updates Part Three


I have spent a lot of my time trying to design the layout of The Reef (which is the final combined space), although I didn't make one to the best of my ability in the end, even after numerous designs. One thing I did do, as well as trying to create a… more »

Void Updates Part Two


My next submission for our work was the dress assets I produced, that would populate the spaces. We won't be putting too many of them in the levels, but enough to make it look less empty.       more »

Void Updates


In time for the mid time presentation I decided to get together a game play storyboard/map as a record for the order of all things. It follows the game from start to finish, I'll briefly go through the order of it all now.     The game… more »