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Graduate show


I shall be doing a few entries on my upcoming graduate show, although not too many to ruin any surprises that we have in store. My year has teamed together and divided work up so that we can try to create a memorable graduate show that will attract… more »

Nobi Nobi boy top


Back in February Nobi Nobi Boy was released on the PSN, and shortly after it's release it was announced that Panic Goods were to be selling t-shirts. They had previously sold Katamari Damacy t-shirts, so I was eager to get myself a Nobi Nobi boy one.… more »

Whiteboxing tests


Through the duration of the production of Void I started carrying out tests with the material editor in the engine, fiddling about with practice textures, and altering them with expressions in the material editor.   Through various testings I… more »

Nice finished off Rig


Since we started production of the Void project I had only been assigned one task, it makes me feel really bad that I spent so long on it, but it was due to changes each week that I continued on developing it. I had the task of getting the neutral… more »

Guess what is finally out of the way?


You probably didn't guess anything, but my dissertation is now finished, it was actually finished last week, but it was only printed and bound today. I put a lot of effort and heart into those 9000 words excluding quotes.     I wouldn't… more »

Lash La Rue on Holiday second meeting


Ok so two weeks have passed and I had the job of doing:   Design document Squirrel and Duck interactions Destinations NPCs Asset list Scale chart Level designs   I had been concentrating so hard on my rig for Void I… more »

Void and where I see it going


Well currently we are all hoping to get a finished version of the game out of our third year project.   I am going to be taking it to the Blitz Open day to show it to a few people there, as well as getting to see how Blitz runs at the same time.… more »