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New website


Well the title is kind of a lie, as it's not a new website, it's a modified website, either way my website is now very different and much better from before.     It now features a welcome which changes dependant on the time of day, along… more »

Blitz Open day


Finally in my third year of University I managed to get a place at the Blitz Open days this year, this is partially thanks to my group for us pulling together such an interesting game.   Anyway so on the 13th of March I had the pleasure to head… more »


Well as I mentioned in a previous post about my graduate show I recently ordered some stickers and our invitations off of   The only real shame about the stickers that prints is that they are square stickers, so what I'm going… more »

Floating Character Rig


While working on the heavy character rig I started on the floating character's rig, which took no time at all after doing two previous ones. He is very different in bone structure to the other models, as his movements are less complex and more flowing… more »

Heavy Character Rig


After finding out we will be able to get changeable characters in our game, thanks to our programmer. The heavy character got rigged quickly so that animating could start being carried out. Below is a video showing the controls of the rig with its… more »

Character Changes working in Unreal 3


We have recently jumped a huge step in our game, mainly because our programmer Rachel Cordone sent us some script which allows us to have changeable characters from trigger points. Below is a small video just showing what it allows us to do. It is… more »

SK Gaming


Over a month ago now at University we had the lovely Lawrence Philips come in and give a quick talk on SK Gaming, and the joys of competitive gaming. From this he wanted some writers for a new consoles section that was appearing on the site.   I… more »