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Develop 2009: Gamesification: Turning Other Things into Games


Out of the last talks of the Thursday I was really tied with what to go to, in the end I went with Gamesification panel, which ended up being made up of Maurice Suckling - The Mustard Company, Charles Cecil - Revolution Software, Antonia Saraiva - ,… more »

Develop 2009: It's Time for Music games 2.0


I was so happy for Matsuura-san to come to Develop, coming all the way from Japan it was an honour to have him attend, especially the year that I happened to be attending Develop. His talk had an introduction for while people were entering the room,… more »

Develop 2009: Video Games as the Eighth Art


I was very interested in going to Dennis Dyack's talk on games as the eight art, it seemed like a bit of a silly talk in some respects, he was explaining how he feels the telling of stories is going to become much more noticeably dominant than gameplay,… more »

Develop 2009: Masaya Matsuura and Jenova Chen - Designer Mash Up


The first scheduled event of Thursday morning that I decided to go see was the Designer mash up with Jenova Chen and Masaya Matsuura. It started off with Masaya playing Flower, where he explained to us how he doesn't play a huge amount of games because… more »

Develop 2009: The Art of LittleBigPlanet - A Big Medley


The Art keynote of the conference was one given by Mark Healey and Kareem Ettouney of Media Molecule, focusing mainly on what decisions were made when creating Little Big Planet. If anything the main focus of the presentation was showing us the process… more »

Develop 2009: The Edge Panel: Architecture and Games


The third talk of the day that I attended was a panel on games as architecture, which was extremely interesting mainly just from hearing Viktor Antonov's explanations of what input he had on Half-Life 2. It was also made up of Alex Wiltshire of Edge,… more »

Develop 2009: When a Creative Director Attacks!


The second talk of the day that I had a chance to witness was Paul Barnett's talk on his time as a creative director for EA, entitled 'When a Creative Director Attacks! or What I Learned this Year with EA!'. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from… more »

Develop 2009: flOw and Flower: Games and Art


Jenova Chen co-founder of thatgamecompany, best known for Flow and Flower attended Develop and had one of the first talks of the Wednesday. I did actually miss the first five or so minutes of his talk, but from what I walked in on I was entranced… more »

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