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Bonsai Barber on WiiWare


So my first official WiiWare title that I decided to purchase was Bonsai Barber (I just wanted to write about NyxQuest first). It came out back in August (March in NA), and was developed by Zoonami, who are based in Cambridge and headed by Martin… more »

NyxQuest Kindered Spirits on WiiWare


So one thing I've tried to do recently is buy a few more digital release games (I never used to so much as I prefer owning copies), as I know have a steady flow of money I felt I should buy a few games on WiiWare. The first that I actually bought was… more »

Dante's Inferno's Lustful level


I luckily had a look at EA Visceral's new game Dante's Inferno yesterday. I must say from what I got to see (It was a demo that had been played a fair bit into it) I was fairly impressed. Ok so Dante's Inferno is on an interesting subject, as the nine… more »

Person with a job to do part 2


I thought I'd make a little quick post which is a start to a few new entries I've got lined up. But since my last post (the first part that this post is relating to), I recieved an extension on my contract. As previously I was working till September,… more »