FLIPS on DS released


Ok this entry was supposed to have gone up back when FLIPS came out on the 4th of December, but I've been a very busy bunny and haven't had enough time to do so.

So I posted about FLIPS back in October when they were announced. The four titles released being: FLIPS Faraway Tree Stories, FLIPS Too Ghoul for School, FLIPS Cathy Cassidy and FLIPS Artemis Fowl.

So the day they came out I had a look about in the shops to see if I could spot them, and here are the following.


Three in the charts in hmv

In HMV three of the FLIPS titles were in 6, 13 and 16 in the Nintendo DS chart.


In GAME two of the titles were at 8 and 17 in the Nintendo DS chart.


In Waterstones they were displayed with DS POS.

And finally

Sat proudly on my bookcase at home (is a little messy and needs sorting out however)

I'm quite satisfied with the launch FLIPS had, along with Ruth Langsford from This Morning promoting it at an EA games show.

And Bernard Cribbins (who most people now will know him as Donna Noble's grandfather in Dr Who) has also helped promote them on the Radio.

I'm very happy to have helped in the development of these games at EA, I hope those who have purchased them for family or who are buying the titles themselves enjoy them.


Comment from: MrNokill [Visitor]

you do know that they do that numbering totally random unless EA payed for extra shelf space ;)

and you can also put them on 1 2 3 yourself

21st December 2009 @ 09:55
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

Charts in GAME are defined by their head office, and usually contain games that are on offer, and they get told what to put (I know that as I used to work there) no idea about HMV tho.

21st December 2009 @ 10:25
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

Plus of course from being in the charts they get noticed :D which is why I took the pictures :)

21st December 2009 @ 12:51
Comment from: MrNokill [Visitor]

well its not my kinda game I have to say ;)
plus they got this concept nailed down pretty good in Japan

22nd December 2009 @ 10:38
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

Haha it's cool, you're not really our target audience, which is of course a young audience.

It is also a quite different from the 100 classic book collection as well, as far as I'm aware Genius Sonority are the only to have released other books on the DS, which in their case is aimed at a much older target audience and features not much in the way of interaction and is kind of a big text dump.

22nd December 2009 @ 12:13

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