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Thirty One: Looking back at Last Call


Keeping with the looking back at theme today it will be a little obscure game known as Last Call. Which you may or may not have heard of, although I'll go with the later. Last Call was a PC game developed by a company called Culter Creative and was r… more »

Thirty: The Global Game Jam 2011 is now finished


So I promised I'd be back to normal today, well it would seem I lied, over the 48 hours of making games I maybe had somewhere between 6-8 hours sleep in total and I'm pretty shattered. Overall it feels like my most accomplished Game Jam so far, this… more »

Twenty Nine: Last evening of Game Jammin'


So it's the last night of the Game Jam, I've had very very little sleep, eaten way too much bad food, and played zero games. It's tough but I'm trying my hardest to get all the work finished that I need to give to Charlotte and Tim to get into the game.… more »

Twenty Eight: Globally Game Jamming time


Todays and tomorrows posts will be slightly small as I'm taking part in the Global Game Jam and am working away, as ideas are just being developed work is not complete enough to show, so for now you can see Team Gamercast posing for a picture. I'll be… more »

Twenty Seven: Would you like to try a game called Catherine?


You may remember me mentioning "A game with my name as the title" well that game, Catherine now has its demo available for people to play. You will need a Japanese Xbox Live (with a current gold membership) or PSN account in order to access the demo but… more »

Twenty Six: Meet Socrates and Plato


The same day as picking up Hypatia I also picked up Socrates and Plato from a lady for the tiny price of £3 which I found amazing as they were very large and forced into a container which I felt was a little small for them. The second I got home they… more »

Twenty Five: Impulse purchases


Don't you just hate them? On many occasions I am taken by them, be it in a physical store down the street or something cheap on the internet I am generally one to be taken off on an impulse. Of course it can be stopped by closing the web browser or not… more »

Twenty Four: Looking back at Bubsy in Close Encounters of the Furred Kind


So it would seem that Monday's now have a reoccurring theme, and that is looking back at games that I really enjoyed, or perhaps just looking at a new retro game that I've picked up. Sticking on the theme of last week with a focus on the SNES (even… more »

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