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Fifty Nine: Looking back at Flipull


So you may or may not of heard of a little puzzle game known as Flipull, a Taito game developed back in the late 80s/early 90s. Flipull was available on a multitude of platforms as well as being available under the alias of Plotting on home computers;… more »

Fifty Eight: Baking some yummy goods


After last weekend having lots of fun baking I decided to do it again on today, and I'm pretty happy with what I've made. Perhaps I've made a little too much, who knows, but it's all going to be spread around so at least nothing will go to waste.… more »

Fifty Seven: Kirby is Epic


Look at the bunch of awesome I picked up today as we finally were given Kirby's Epic Yarn in the UK as of yesterday. Now just to find some time around work, Gamercast, Catherine and everything else to find some to play this little gem of a game. Which I… more »

Fifty Six: Get ready for Skyrim!


I recommend a watch of this very new gameplay trailer, and if you haven't got the song stuck in your head by the end of it, well you're better than me who ended up singing it for the whole day after watching it. It's looking pretty good, and I'm already… more »

Fifty Five: Want a copy of Bulletstorm?


So Gamercast are giving away a copy of Bulletstorm for PC as a competition, and I thought I'd give anyone else a chance to win it if they were interested in the game. And it's super simple if you want to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on the… more »

Fifty Four: Something cool arrived!


So I was a bit grumpy today as a friend received his copy of Catherine and I didn't...until I got home and found out I'd had it delivered there! I've been playing it since I got home almost and had to drag myself away from it so I can go to bed.… more »

Fifty Three: Parappa the Rapper anime


A great little anime series based upon the great game was released a while back, and the intro along with the music is a favourite of mine. I thought I'd share it with those that didn't even know an anime series existed. I found out about it during… more »

Fifty Two: Looking back at Baku Baku


Going back on track with my looking back posts, I’ve got enough time to post about another little gem I spent hours on back on the Sega Saturn, and that game is Baku Baku. Baku Baku was released for a variety of platforms; however its base console in… more »

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