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Fifty One: The King of the Cosmos


Today I bought and awesome t-shirt, if you don't get it then your loss I suppose. It was drawn by Megan Lara, an illustrator who has done some great t-shirt designs as of recent. One which may look familar which is the Art Nouveau Nintendo ladies, on… more »

Fifty: Millicam!


The millicam is officially back online! For those unaware, I have one of the Xbox Live Vision cameras taped up inside my millipede tank to survey their movement, and because it's nice to see what they get up to. Paul even made a great little video at… more »

Forty Nine: the TV show


It's late and I'm tired so I'm sharing a great music video that I found a little while back called the TV show which was directed by Kousuke Sugimoto with accompanying music by Takayuki Manabe. It's very much influenced by games, the music is catchy… more »

Forty Eight: Catherine is officially out


Catherine came out today in Japan, and all thanks to ncsx my copy has been shipped and is on its way to me, along with my Deathsmiles from Amazon. Hopefully Catherine will come very soon, however Deathsmiles is an appropriate game to spend my time with… more »

Forty Seven: Socrates says hi


Socrates says hello! I'm pretty sleepy, the other day Socrates was having a moop around the tank, particularly against the glass, I couldn't help but take a photo. more »

Forty Six: She and Her Cat


Sticking with a theme of YouTube videos that are memorable to me, I thought I'd introduce everyone to a very short animation that is a favourite of mine. Created by the amazing director Makoto Shinkai who is famous for his two biggest films; Voices of a… more »

Forty Five: Apple Jack, a game you need!


I was very recently introduced to an Xbox Live Indie Game known as Apple Jack which was created by Tim Sycamore of My Owl Software. Sadly he hasn't got a website up and running at the moment (or at least I can't find one), however Apple Jack is his… more »

Forty Four: Dinner with Kip


With it being Valentine's day tomorrow I thought I'd introduce everyone to a great little short film that I have made sure to remember after many years, and it's in some ways related to love so it fits in. Dinner with Kip was an entry for an Eternal… more »

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