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Forty Three: Misato


Today there were intentions to eat some yummy Japanese food, check out some game stores and play some games at the Trocadero with some friends. Well most ideas were accomplished, not all but it was still a great little day out in London. Food wise I had… more »

Forty Two: Spare Parts


I would like to recommend a game today, and that game is the legendary Spare Parts. I was umming and ahing over what to write about today, and then I saw a pretty horrible looking picture of Spyro the Dragon which then lead me to think about Spare Parts… more »

Forty One: Monster Hunter t-shirt!


It's late and I'm sleepy, however check out the cool t-shirt I got in the post! I really wanted some of the other designs however sadly they were sold out, I did get an awesome strawberry top as well though. more »

Forty: Babies!


Not of the human kind though, although babies can be pretty cute, I'm talking the millipede kind. So Archimedes and Eratosthenes seemed to of had a little fun under the soil a while back that resulted in the surfacing of a load of baby millipedes back… more »

Thirty Nine: Jesse Schell a man worth watching


So I have been very recently introduced to Jesse Schell, a games designer who has done some very interesting talks for a variety of conferences/events, as well as making an impact on games design. If you want to check out any of his stuff and don't h… more »

Thirty Eight: Looking for a writer


I've done a little advertising for our current available position we have at Gamercast on various parts of the internet, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to do a little more advertising for it here on my blog to make sure nobody really awesome slips… more »

Thirty Seven: Kooky Bakes


A slightly different post than my usual Sundays, as I don't have the time for a "looking back" which may be postponed till tomorrow. But today I'm going to do a shout out for a wonderful stall I happened apon today near Brick Lane. That stall was for… more »

Thirty Six: Time for some Chulip


A short while ago I purchased a new game based off a thread on a forum, saying it was a great game to import (as it never came to the UK's shores) so on a whim I bought it off ebay from someone based in the UK. Ever since it arrived I've been meaning to… more »

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