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Ninety: Almost finished


He's almost finished, just got to attach his ears, give him a mouth and add any other extras I see fit. Then after him straight onto the cute baby shoes. I'm not 100% happy with how he's turned out, but he is looking very cute at the moment even though… more »

Eighty Nine: Some fun days ahead


I've brought a small pile of games to the flat which can now sit with the Mega Drive/Mega CD games that I already had here, so now I just need to find a little time to go back and play some awesome games. Hellfire included, which for any long time Ga… more »

Eighty Eight: A bunny


I know I said I'd stop with the Amigurumi, however I very recently acquired a new niece and felt the need to make her stuff. I'm currently just finishing off the legs for a bunny, or bun bun as my other niece Bethan would say, and then once I've fin… more »

Eighty Seven: Today was a good day for post


Those who read my blog may remember number 32 where I spoke of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and it's blu-ray release. Well now that day is upon us, and my copy of Summer Wars/TGWLTT arrived today and I can't wait until I have the time to watch them.… more »

Eighty Six: Oh how I love bootsales when it comes to old video games


You can always get such a great variety of different things, or of course you can come home empty handed. This time round we were more than lucky with these lovely pieces of kit as well as some Xbox 360 games and a few other bits and bobs here a… more »

Eighty Five: A nice new piece of hardware


My friends will already know that I gave in and took the plunge in buying a Nintendo 3DS, I just couldn't resist, new hardware is something I can never stop myself from getting. After looking at the 3DS earlier on this year and last year too I decided I… more »

Eighty Four: Gamercast WP7 app


No much to post about, however while I'm busy beavering away on my crochet and a few other things I thought I'd just do a little post reminding everyone that now as an application on the Windows Phone marketplace. This app pulls togethe… more »

Eighty Three: Jam Packed


So you'll be disappointed if you thought this post was about jam, if you did think that, then my sincere apologies. You may want to check out a jam orientated blog. However in other news I am currently checking out how awesome one of my recent daily… more »

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