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One Hundred and Nineteen: Glove one almost complete


Sadly it's looking a little different to the images on the pattern, but it's still looking pretty cool. I think when I make my next pair I'll make the darker colour a bit longer and give it a shorter cuff. However I'll probably have a break from gloves… more »

One Hundred and Nineteen: Something else worth supporting


So with the recent Kickstarter/Indiegogo posts I thought I'd do another, and this one is less gamey and more just plain interesting. So I saw a video on the Tweenbots website that a friend sent me a link to back in University, and I thought it was the… more »

One Hundred and Eighteen: More to add to my JP collection


And as you can see it's Raiden IV, and it even came with the soundtrack which was totally unexpected, once Portal 2 is off my radar I will definitely be booting up the Japanese Xbox 360. more »

One Hundred and Seventeen: Team Logo is go!


The finished article featuring myself, cptalbertwesker, Red Valkyrie and Nixxor. This will now be our team logo for the Halo 3: ODST CTF Tournament we're all taking part in, fingers crossed we kick some butt and win! Click the image for the full s… more »

One Hundred and Sixteen: Something worth supporting


So one thing I'm quite into at the moment is keeping an eye on indie products, be it games, films or something completely different. Usually it tends to be games though so I just thought I'd give a little info on some items I feel are worthy of a little… more »

One Hundred and Fifteen: CTFing


I had a great night last night getting in some practice for the Halo 3 CTF match I'll be taking part in soon. We had some great CTF & Slayer matches which involved some awesome memorable moments, hopefully we'll do even better on the day and kick some… more »

One Hundred and Fourteen: Why I love car boot sales


So one of my loves from my childhood is boot sales, something that I believe is a almost completely British phenomenon, the UK has always had a larger population of middle to lower class which has put a larger emphasis on second-hand goods in order to… more »

One Hundred and Thirteen: Bank holidays galore


So the UK is currently going through a massive stream of bank holidays, to be fair it happens every year however this year there's more as next Friday is also a bank holiday due to the "royal" wedding. These bank holidays have given me major confusi… more »

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