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One Hundred and Fifty: Some cool new tees


I've had a couple of new daily t-shirts arrive recently which are both pretty cool. One a play on Fallout and the Coca-Cola Santa Claus string of adverts. Which I know a lot of people associate with the start of the Christmas season. Plus of course the… more »

One Hundred and Forty Nine: Conon says hi


Or at least I think it's Conon, he was attempting to escape the tank and then decided to crawl onto my hand while making his way out while popping some food in their tank. I can't imagine that one of Archimedes and Eratosthenes' babies would have gotten… more »

One Hundred and Forty Eight: New board games!


I picked up some boardgames from MCM Expo thanks to the great guys at Gamerz Nexus who are actually based in Rayleigh in Essex. They had a pretty good price on Dominion as well as Zombie Fluxx so I picked up the two. I was recommended Fluxx from a fr… more »

One Hundred and Forty Seven: MCM Expo 19


MCM Expo seems to be a regular occurrence for me to attend now, and it has been now for a multiple of years , not only because of the large array of games on show or to spot a good cosplayer every now and again. There's also the interesting guests they… more »

One Hundred and Forty Six: Revisiting the L.A. Noire posters


After very recently posting about the L.A. Noire posters in London I was extremely certain that there were no other posters, however I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this one. It is of course quite tame like the other one, showing a lack of… more »

One Hundred and Forty Five: An apology


So I've been a very busy bee meaning that my blog has been slightly neglected. Which with the "one a day" stuff I promised myself I wouldn't go for more than a few days without posts. However with all the pre-E3 stuff and of course E3 out of the way,… more »

One Hundred and Forty Four: For the love of Shenmue


I’m a big fan of Shenmue, it’s generally what I tell people is my favourite game when they ask me, perhaps I need to update my favourite games to match with the times, however there are a lot of games which have their own reasons for being a great… more »

One Hundred and Forty Three: Egon Schiele anyone? Warning naked lady


Anyone who knows me, or have glanced at my website may (or may not) know that I’m a big fan of Egon Schiele and his works. Egon was sadly not a Ghostbuster and was an artist of the Expressionist movement from the 20th Century who sadly had his life cut… more »

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