One Hundred and Thirty One: A new addition to the Shenmue line


So for anyone that doesn't know, my favourite game is Shenmue (and Shenmue II) this doesn't of course mean I hate other games. Heck if anyone has been reading my blog or checking out the Gamercast YouTube stuff you'll know I will buy and play pretty much everything, and will enjoy the best pieces that a game has to offer.

So even with my wide love of games it all boils down to Shenmue in the end, it was the first absolutely massive experience that I played in a game and I couldn't believe just how rich it was. It of course has a lot of QTE events which I know derives away from gameplay, but they fit nicely among the hours and hours of gameplay within. I could go on and on about Shenmue, however I can just finish saying I would love if a day comes where Sega or someone just decides they'll take the plunge and give developing number III a go.

With it being one of my most favourite games I kind of started collecting copies of it (also thanks to Charlotte) so I've got copies that are PAL, NTSC-U and NTS-J as well as special copies like "What's Shenmue" or the "Project Berkley" disc that came with NTSC-J copies of Virtua Fighter 3tb. The list does just keep going, and well, now I've added something else to it. A nice little strategy guide for Shenmue which I picked up off NTSC-UK for the lovely cheap price of £2.50, bargain!

I'm always looking for more to add to my Shenmue collection (a mini collection derived off the main one) and it's nice that I now have a Japanese strategy guide for Shenmue I and II.


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Comment from: Spontanbesorger [Visitor]  
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As a big fan of the best game EVER I looked for Shenmue in twitter and found your blog :) I just added you to my list of "Shenmue fans worldwide" ( It's a German blog but with Google translations it's not a big problem to understand the content ;)

Do you have a list and/or pictures of your Shenmue Collection? I'd love to link to them or put them online :)

13th May 2011 @ 07:42
Comment from: [Member]

I'll see what I can do about getting you a picture! :) Perhaps I'll make it an entry on my blog :)

13th May 2011 @ 08:20
Comment from: Spontanbesorger [Visitor]

I'm looking forward to it :) Don't forget to add me on XBox Live ;)

13th May 2011 @ 10:56

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