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One Hundred and Eighty: A game with sadly another small release


And that is Solatorobo: Red the Hunter; the spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto a rare release for the Playstation. Solatorobo came out in Japan back in October 2010 and I never thought there would be a PAL release, however Nintendo announced its release… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Nine: Another t-shirt...


So another daily t-shirt that I picked up recently is a bit of an internet thing. Charlie the Unicorn was a Newsgrounds animation by Jason Steele where two unicorns convince Charlie to go to the prolific "Candy Mountain" It's something that was funny… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Eight: Last Exit to Nowhere


Last Exit to Nowhere have an awesome line of t-shirts and hoodies and oddly they're stopping their OCP range in this style and they've all gone cheaper than their other t-shirts. So I had to pick one up before they all went forever, I'm not a huge fan… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Seven: A new book to delve into


I was recommended this book by some friends to be a good read, sadly it's an absolutely massive book to carry around but I'll try to get through it chapter by chapter when I find a chunk of time. I wrote about Jesse Schell a little back on entry Thirty… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Six: A blank canvas


Picked up a lovely pair of white converse for £6 so I've decided I'll make it my task to draw something cool on them, as white trainer's will only get dirty anyway. The only question now is what should I draw on them, ultimately it'll be somethin… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Five: Plants vs. Zombies for WP7


Something that I've been waiting a while for which is given away in the title is Plants vs. Zombies for Windows Phone 7. I loved playing Plants vs. Zombies on PC, but loved it even more when playing it through on Xbox 360 as it ran at a much higher… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Four: RIP Peter Falk


It's always a sad day when someone you've grown up with passes away, with TV being such an important role in a child's growing up (video games are also now a key influence too) you become attached to celebrities, or the characters they play. I al… more »

One Hundred and Seventy Three: Finally a PAL copy of Katamari Forever


While checking the shelves of a GAME store I came across two games I'd wanted to get my hands on for a while now. I was introduced to the craziness of Hyperdimension Neptunia through NTSC-UK and decided I wanted to give it a go. It's a JRPG parod… more »

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