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Two Hundred and Eleven: Finally something new to replace the old


Me looking chummy with something new, it's a much nicer ride than my piece of crap mountain bike, so it makes my cycling more enjoyable. Plus cycling around means I get some exercise which is great, especially when I do longer distances. more »

Two Hundred and Ten: Love is over?!


This lovely package arrived today, however sadly the NTSC version is fully region locked and won't play on an NTSC-J console. What a shame, but it’s great that it is coming out in Europe, so at least I will eventually get a chance to play it in English… more »

Two Hundred and Nine: Some new games


I bought these off eBay from someone off the NTSC-UK forums and couldn't not bid on them when I saw them. I got myself a PSOne Books copy of Parappa the Rapper, Bust a Groove - which I have wanted to own and play for far too long. Then also Bust a… more »

Two Hundred and Eight: I urge all to try Groove Coaster


A lovely little game recently came out on the iOS app store called Groove Coaster. Created by Reisuke Ishida, creator of another Taito title Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Well Groove Coaster is a a great little rhytmic handheld experience. There are… more »

Two Hundred and Seven: Another t-shirt arrived


I couldn't say no to this awesome Star Wars inspired t-shirt. more »

Two Hundred and Six: Gamespite issue 9 arrived


The new issue of GameSpite has finally been released and I must say I'm impressed with the complete change in paper quality for this issue. I can't wait to read some of the chapters, some sound really interesting which is why I had to make sure to pi… more »

Two Hundred and Five: Everyone should go and play Bastion


Go on do it! Bastion has been out a few days now and was the game to start off this year's Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live. After playing all the way through from start to end (and I intend on playing through it again) and I loved it to pieces. N… more »

Two Hundred and Four: A nice little piece of gaming memorabilia


Not a bad thing to pick up for the tiny sum of 20p, it's a little bashed in but it matches the duvet cover I own, plus is a great example of games merchandise of the 90s. more »

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