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Two Hundred and Forty Two: A new game to look forward to for the 3DS


So anyone who reads here will know I was one of the day one buyers of a Nintendo 3DS, and with a slightly shocking lack of interesting games, it's a bit disappointing for any owners out there with the handheld wondering where their awesome array of… more »

Two Hundred and Forty One: An almost finished Sackboy, he just can't talk yet


His pieces are finally all stitched together and he's one object now, yay! Sackboy lives! I haven't given him a mouth yet or decided on what to do about the zip, but I reckon he looks pretty cute. Annoyingly the left hand does look pretty crap but I… more »

Two Hundred and Forty: Farewell Archimedes


Archimedes was the mother of my millipede babies and was one of the prettiest additions to my tank as she had a beautiful glossy black exo-skeleton and pinky-yellow legs that made her stand out amongst the other millipedes. I picked up Archimedes fr… more »

Two Hundred and Thirty Nine: Super Meat Boy time!


Been waiting a while for this as Super Meat Boy hadn't had a retail release up until now! It's the Super Meat Boy Ultra Rare Edition which features a t-shirt, poster, sketch book, soundtrack and exra characters to play the game as. I highly recom… more »

Two Hundred and Thirty Eight: An evening of cleaning a millipede tank out


With the recent deaths of Socrates I decided I should give my baby millipedes a clean out so they were growing up in a cleaner environment. I'd already cleaned out the tank a few months back after I'd figured they'd grown big enough for me to do so.… more »

Two Hundred and Thirty Seven: Deus Ex Human Revolution!


I've been waiting a long time for this game, and it's finally out, so I'm looking forward to enjoying it! My collector's edition arrived with its little Adam Jensen figure so here's to hoping the game is a great addition to the Deus Ex franchise. He's… more »

Two Hundred and Thirty Six: Farewell Socrates


Like I presumed back when Plato died, that Socrates may follow on shortly and sadly he did, the two of them looked fairly old so I imagine they had a long life it's just sad that it was cut short while in my care. Socrates was bought with Plato back… more »

Two Hundred and Thirty Five: I seem to be a BFI member


I'm now a fully-fledged BFI member! Being a BFI member lets me do priority booking, allowing me to purchase tickets before non-members, attend two free events every month which are pre-determined. Get £1.50 off the ticket prices, get a free monthly g… more »

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