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Two Hundred and Seventy Two: A new set of keys and a cool picture


Yay for changing times and no more horridly long train journeys, I've now picked up the keys for my new place. To commemorate this face I thought I'd share a picture I took on my commute the other day, I will miss having the metro to flick through e… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy One: Aliens: Infestation is out tomorrow!


Kinda came out with a bit of a quiet release I suppose? All I know is I'm wildly looking forward to it. Aliens: Infestation is the newest game developed ( or should I say co-developed as I'm not entirely sure of the role they've played) by Wayforward… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy: Say hello to my little friend


So I was just feeding the babies and a couple had been exploring around the tank and managed to try and sneak their way out while I was putting some cucumber in, so I thought I'd have a little company while using the Xbox 360. I know I shouldn't… more »

Two Hundred and Sixty Nine: GameMaker HTML5!


Sooo when it comes to LudumDare and the Global Game Jam with a bit of a lack of coding skills and an idea when it comes to logic and scripting I generally make my games in GameMaker. I say generally, what I really mean is always, I've considered using… more »

Two Hundred and Sixty Eight: Clever girl!


Came home to an awesome t-shirt I bought off Qwertee recently, I couldn't resist as I'd seen the design before and knew I wanted it. For anyone unaware it is of course a reference to the very awesome Jurassic Park! I kind of wish it wasn't on… more »

Two Hundred and Sixty Seven: A Spectacular Sunday to finish of the Eurogamer Expo


So of course Sunday was the last day of the Expo and I had to make sure to play as many games as possible/anything I really wanted to play. As of course I wouldn't have the chance until when the games are released otherwise. I had decided though that… more »

Two Hundred and Sixty Six: A Superb Saturday at Eurogamer Expo


So day two rolled around and I was starting to wish I was staying in a hotel as opposed to coming home each night. I was feeling a bit tired after getting home late and was hoping I'd perk up a little during the day. There was a lack of gameplaying f… more »

Two Hundred and Sixty Five: Fun filled Friday at Eurogamer Expo


I had a few things to deal with in the morning but by about 1/2pm I had made it to the Eurogamer Expo with the intention to play a few games and meet up with some people that I knew were attending the show on the Friday. By the end of the day I hadn'… more »

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