Catherine Woolley


A game of chance

Now this is gonna be a bit of a weird entry...I'm mainly doing it for myself, or anyone that ever wants to know but can't remember.

I'm talking about Kiwi fruits, one of the yummiest things in the world. I love eating them and haven't had any for months and months, but I picked up a couple the other day, I just cut one up and mmm kiwi ^_^.

But the main point of this post, yes, Ok when I eat a Kiwi I like to save the nice bit till last. Anyone whos had a Kiwi before should know what I'm on about. Inside the kiwi one half has a bump at the bottom and the other is completely smooth.

As you can see, both ends of a kiwi have bumps on them, the question is, what makes the inside so different?

bump no 1

bump no 2

I always have to guess which will be the right end (smooth end) but I pretty much always get it wrong, but now I wont have to because of this blog entry of mine, and to anyone also wanting to know, well here you go :)

I will call the pictures above bump no. it and 2, you can see this in the alt text, if you don't know what I'm on about well the first picture is no 1.

Now is the minute you've all been waiting for:

no 1

no 2

ok so as you can see the part of the kiwi that has the bump inside is the exterior with the really bumpy bump. so from now on when eating a kiwi, go for that part first and then the less bumpy exterior as the smoother bit is just nicer :)

I thank you for your time ^_^