Catherine Woolley


A little bit of drawing...or is it doodling

Ok well in honour of having work to do, I'm getting into the mood of drawing again, so I've just been doing a few pictures to keep myself busy. Now I know they ain't perfect, but this is just to speed up my drawing a bit.

Click on the images to see a larger version.


bunny bunny

inspired by haribo

its creeping me out

Whatcha think? comments are welcome, I'm always wanting to improve them ^_^ bunny bunny guy was like a 5 min sketch where as I spent a little longer on the other two. And couldn't be arsed with perfecting the strawberry (mouth yellow bits etc) as I was being HASSLED to play a game :P.

EDIT: added my freaky cow, it's kinda cool but it's scarying me O_o.