Catherine Woolley


A little play with NXE


While I had a little time spare last night (around writing my dissertation) I thought I'd check out the New Xbox Experience (NXE), which I must say it was fun to create them, as it was a mixture between The Sims 2 and creating a Mii. Might have been nice if you didn't have the ability to go as skinny as you can though, as it's pretty much skeleton thin.


Other than that the characters don't look too bad, although I feel they seem a little lifeless, and maybe there is a little too much choice in some areas and not enough in others, although the new layout of Xbox live is a bit confusing, good for people just joining as they don't know any better, but I've been used to it the way it is since it came out.


Well here's my little version of me, I really like the blue jumper and would love one just like it.



Although I don't agree with if they are going to release different clothes and accessories and then charge for them.