Catherine Woolley


A trip to Lionhead (Guildford)

Ok well as some people may know I went to Lionhead a few weeks ago, for what they call work experience, I'd just call it testing, but it was a whole mix of things anyway. My sister booked us a place for work experience about a year ago, which may seem really shocking, but it is Lionhead one of the biggest and well known game companies in the UK.

Anyway, so it was the easter break so we'd travelled back home anyway, so it was less of a train journey to Guildford, we headed out on Sunday the 8th of April booked into our hotel (the YMCA) and then had a pop around Guildford which seemed like a lovely place, especially at the time of day we were there, as the YMCA weren't feeding us as it was easter sunday we decided to eat at TGI Fridays, and it was such a nice experience, the food was lovely (especially the breaded mozerella) and the amazing popcorn brownie sundae which was the best thing ever.

It's yummier than it looks

Ok so the next day was a bank holiday so we missed out on a day of testing :( so we decided to go shopping. Where our "replacement moo" popped up in a few places such as:

Some statue


The old hospital

Amungst eating lovely dinners and breakfasts at the YMCA there was the amazingness of Lionhead. The first day we caught the bus there we got there really early, as did another guy which we presumed was also doing the testing as well.

While I was trying to work out if we would be able to catch buses home in time for dinner.

Its amazing we actually got buses home in time

Charlotte was busy taking some pictures, here you can see Lionhead's studio.

its all in such a lovely green area

From a little far away, but its in a lovely scenic area, right by tesco's which must be rather handy in the long run.

And also Luke, who was the guy testing at the same time as us.

playing on his lovely pink ds

As we entered the nice little building we were confronted with a real pretty reception desk, with accompanying concept art and various awards.

there's a lot of random awards there too

Anywho after a nice introduction to Lionhead from the lovely Claire, and also a nice guided tour we were left in the hands of the lead test - Nathan and the assistant lead - Kiernan, who are very lovely guys.

After the first few days we had been given some awesome free items, well firstly a nice sealed copy of Fable from Claire while being introduced, and then a wonderful poster the day after, which is going to be framed and put up in our new house in the summer.

wheee free stuff

After a week full of testing (well 4 days actually) we were so tired, the whole 10-6 get up of working lots was very strange to us, well university is pretty laid back in comparison, even little moo was tired.

he stole my bed

Along with meeting the likes of Dene Carter, Alex...scripter guy :), the awesome Adam, John McCormack, seeing Mike the concept artists amazing work, and lots of other people with so many names I cannot remember O_o.

Yet we did not get to meet Peter Molyneux, myself and Charlotte were completely bummed at that, but there's always other times I'm sure.

But yes along with lovely free drinks and talking to some really interesting people I had an immense amount of fun at Lionhead, I will not mention about the three somethings that we had a play with, or the special something we got to see, or how amazing some things are. But it was great, I must say I would be honoured to be able to get a job in the next few years at Lionhead.

Plus they need more girlies :D.

But we didn't leave empty handed...or well with just the posters and games, we were also given a cute little certificate each, which actually wasn't signed by many people, but when we were so kindly given a lift by Claire back to the YMCA we asked if she could sign it, cos you can't forget Claire :) and she ended up getting it signed by a whole bunch of people :) and we were sneaky and also got her get one of our Fable inlays signed too. Thank you so much Claire, it's amazin!

Wheeee I'm chuffed to pieces

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Lionhead, and I hope I will get to see the place again.

And I cannot wait for Fable 2!