Catherine Woolley


A trip to Portsmouth

Ok so a little while back I was checking out Climax's website and I noticed they had a little bit up about playing a PS2 game before it released so we could give feedback, now ok, it's not completely testing and is actually more of a focus group. But I jumped at the chance to go see an actual studio.

Now Climax have a studio in Portsmouth, Brighton, London and LA I believe, and this happened to be for the Portsmouth one, which are Climax Action, the people that brought us Sudeki. So they had two days open, Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th, and we chose Thursday as Friday is usually more crowded in places.

So we took the train to Stratford, and then got to Waterloo and took a train to Portsmouth Harbour from there, as you can see, there were boats.

big boat


Then after taking pictures of boats and stuff we found ourselves at the shopping outlet Climax were located in (kinda weird I know)

gunwharf quays

It was a hot day but luckily there were bits of shade from the shops, there were a couple of nice shops, and a load of nice looking places to eat, but no GAME...which was surprising.

We walked around for a while and then asked at information desk where Climax were, as the map didn't say, so they told us where to go, we sat down for a bit then had a little look around at the places to eat, chose where to eat and then went to where we were told. Of course when we got there, we didn't see anything but a door, so we looked around asked a few other people. Some didn't have the faintest of what I was talking about.

After that I called my mum, who had the number, I called them and just got a load buzz noise. So I hung up and a minute later I got a call, and of course it was Climax, the lady told me where to go, I went where I thought I heard and got a bit lost, so I called her up again and they sent someone to get us.


Here are the doors to Climax, it's all very secure and I wouldn't have known how to get in, we got there and signed in at half 2, originally supposed to be there at 2 but we got lost, so Barry, the nice lead tester guy changed our time so we got the full hour.

So we signed an NDA and played *blank* game for an hour which was real cool, was very much like *blank* after the hour we gave our feedback and got a free tour, where we saw people working on *blank*, *blank* and *blank* asked a few questions and got to meet the one woman that works there, who happened to be from Braintree (close by).


This what you could see of Climax from outside, see the little white logos saying Climax, yup the one place we didn't look when we were lost was up.

After a bit of talking we left and decided not to eat anything, and went to catch our train, which got delayed cos of a fatality and power shortages somewhere, or something.


Charlote was shocked by the news, we then got a tube and train back home, caught the bus and finally got home after such a tiring day.

Overall I had fun, Climax are a bunch of lovely people and I only hope *blank* isn't too expensive when it comes out as I may be buying it.