Catherine Woolley


Adam Buxton!

Adam buxton, maybe you'll recognise his face =)

Ok so I haven't blogged in a while, but I thought I'd just do myself a quick little entry, as I was on a train and who did I happen to see (and get to move his bag as I was trying to stuff mine in the luggage bit) but none other than Adam Buxton.

If you haven't heard of him before you may have heard of him from the Adam & Joe show, heck or Adam & Joe go Tokyo (awesome show), he was also in a recent comedy sketch that was shown on channel 4 in their comedy showcase called Ladies & Gentlemen, or maybe even in Stardust, or jeez if you haven't seen any of that he was the reporter in Hot Fuzz which I'm sure everyone remembers, and hey you can check out his blog here.

But yeah so I was unsure if it was Adam or not, so I popped over once there wasn't people walking through the isle on the train and had a little chat, which was cool, he's an awesome guy and I love how softly spoken he is ^__^

Yeah, so what was a very tiring train ride (I was working before hand) ended up being really cool :D