Catherine Woolley


Alone in the Dark Presentation and Inside Xbox

Wow well I must say I'm surprised a little, back on the 23rd of May myself and my sister went off to an Alone in the Dark presentation, as we were invited to go thanks to Tenebra on the Atari EU forums. As there was originally going to be a test/play day for Alone in the Dark, but it got cancelled due to not enough people signing up. So she thought for the people that really wanted to go, she'd get us the chance to go to this instead.

So the day started with popping down to Hampstead in London to the Everyman's Cinema Club, which was a delightful venue, it also wasn't hard to miss with this poster outside.

Then after a bit of waiting, saying hi to a few people and a free apple juice later the presentation was about to start so we all shifted into the screening room, which had piles of freebies, sprawled on chairs, tables and anywhere possible. I must say I felt a little out of place at this event as the majority of people attending were press, but in my case I get to meet new people.

The presentation started with Atari introducing themselves, then Phil Harrison, and then finally Nour from Eden games went on, the presentation was amazing, I hadn't really looked into Alone in the Dark that much, other than seeing a few trailers and planning on buying the game that was it. So when I actually saw what they had done with the game I was pleasantly surprised. Charlotte loved the fire (who wouldn't) and I really liked the structure of the game, was also nice to hear that they looked into television narrative structures other than film. (Alone in the Dark now going to have a piece in my dissertation)

she was answering someones question in a very cute manner

After the presentation had finished we were urged to go to their room with pods and give it a play. Instead we made our way over to Nour and Emile down the front and asked them a few questions of our own related to the industry, where we then got an Alone in the Dark sleeve signed.

With our mountains of freebies we headed out to the lobby area to have sit down and rest, where then we were asked by some nice guys from if we'd like to give our opinion on the game and also ask any questions to Nour on camera. So we did, which has scarily gone onto Inside Xbox on the 360, and as myself and my sister were asked our gamertags ( Kittydog )we have gained a bit of attention on xbox live, which has made me a recent receiver of at least 70 friend requests so far.

With myself and my sister being twins we were wondering if the two guys behind charlotte in the picture were also twins either that or they were eyebrow twins

Anyway after a bit of waiting around and cooling off we decided to try and get a go on one of the pods, I had a bit of fun beating a door down with a lamp, only finding out the fire extinguisher did a much better job. I won't spoil anything though, but a little after we stopped taking turns and playing, so as not to take too much fun out of the game.

We then managed to grab Nour and Emile and thank them for the presentation and the whole day really, and grabbed a picture with the two of them. We were going to have the picture taken in front of the Alone in the Dark poster, but it was either taken down or nicked so we couldn't.

All in all it was a lovely experience as I hadn't had the opportunity to attend such an event before, and I feel Alone in the Dark is going to be a very interesting game to play.

I feel the best bit of it in my eyes though is always going to be the way of which it is split into episodes while utilising a catch-up like system to remind the player.

It was also a treat leaving with Alone in the Dark t-shirts, hats, mini fire extinguisher keyrings and a cute Atari wristband.