Catherine Woolley


Amazing Soup

Ok so after making the pumpkin (this was a week ago now) myself and Charlotte were tied over making pie or soup, Bill suggested pie, but I felt soup was easier. So I got the ingredients and stuff, and oh my golly gosh, made soup.

This actually being one of the first things I've really made from scratch, I used single cream, a oxo cube, three carrots, a small onion and some pumpkin mush :P. I cut everything up tiny, except for the carrots which I just made into circles, then I shoved it all in the pot, in a specific order, I didn't just throw it in.

Soup in the process of being made

After a long time I decided to call it done, even though it wasn't really really hot like I like soup. But I didn't wanna make the cream curdle or something scary O_o.

I then dished it out, the soup being the food myself and Charlotte had for our birthday meal, and I must say I was really happy with it. It tastes so yum (much nicer than I had expected) Soup is so easy to make, and I'm actually gonna make some more this week.

Looks yum

Now I know what you're thinking, that's not pumpkin soup...well it's Catherine's pumpkin carrot soup with a hint of pumpkin or something like that ^_^

Next soup I shall make will be game related ^_^ how creepy.