Catherine Woolley


Another World

Ok well after hearing about a 15th Anniversary of Another World coming out a few months back I immediatley popped it in my calendar for it's release (I know I'm sad, but I remember things this way)

So it finally came out last Friday, the 2nd of March, although I was only able to get it on Wednesday as GAME wasn't selling it in store so I had to buy it off the website, annoying.

After I installed it the first thing I noticed was that they've put in a making of folder with the game, which comes with a Development Diary, Technical handbook and a short documentary about the game and it's creator. Which of course were the first things I looked at, the development diary is really cool, I'd post pictures but I'm not sure if there's anything against me doing it, so I'll leave it. The documentary was very interesting and great at half an hour, I never would have thought someone would put so much into a game for the Amiga, Eric Chahi put a lot of effort into this game.

Ok so then I played it, the last time I did this being years ago on the snes, but I played Out of this world (American copy ^_^) and well I didn't understand it so much when I was younger, plus we didn't know how to attack as we only had the cartridge.

So I watched the intro (didn't know there was one) and played it, and well I got stuck...not too far in, so I'm gonna have to keep going at it.

Main reason I picked up the game was it looks visually stunning now, but still has the same graphic style, you can see what I mean by looking at the car picture on the official website and rolling your mouse over it.

I must say it is worth paying £15 for if you had the game originally, cos it is stunning, it really is, plus you can play it up to a resoultion of 1920x1080, as that way it doesn't loose it's quality.

Ok so it's an adventure type game I realise that's not everybodys thing, but it's definatley worth a go, plus the making of stuff is well worth it.

The sound was also revamped, I love the music on the main menu, it's improved a lot!

Even the box art is, heck the guy that made it got to do the box art...then again he made the whole game so yeah ^_^

Click on it to see a huge version, you can see the brush strokes

But yes well worth 15 quid for a nice bit of nostalgia :D.