Catherine Woolley


Bestest um Media teacher in the world :P

Ok well here's number two in the trilogy :P this is about my media teacher, good ol' Mr. Morris, I only started having him as a teacher from year 12 as I never took media before and that's pretty much all he teaches.

So I've only known the guy two years really, but it was pretty cool, yeah he gets boring at times, but he can also be times, with his lines, like fingers in the pies and whatnot, media people would understand ^_^.

Anyway from never doing media before I'll be getting an A this year (well as long as I get 33 marks in the last exam, shouldn't be too hard :P) so all round he's a pretty cool teacher, if you pay attention in the lessons, but it does get rather hard at times :P.

With the constant watching of the first 10 minutes of "The Enforcer" or the constant bringing James Bond into a conversation he won't be missed. Also the uhh excuse me :P, and you have a knowing look on your face ^_^.

Best out of two pics

He looks a tad surprised :P.

You shall be missed, and I'm sure everyone in media can now be just as cool as you were with their little cue cards in their top pockets for looking at when at work and such :P