Catherine Woolley


Brainstorming ideas


I came up with various ideas related to the project, starting with ideas for different contraptions to populate the level, and different puzzles, I'll list my puzzle ideas, as they're brief notes at this time and I intend on expanding on them.


  • Run into a fan with the speedy state, then float up in the draft.
  • Jump up to a lever, then become heavy to bring it down and activate it.
  • Push a block into a hole to free the path ahead.
  • Float up and then fall down to smash an item.
  • Jumping from platform to platform.
  • Jumping from platform to platform, then with a fan on top so you have to change to the floaty state to gain more height.
  • Platform at an angle that you must gain speed to run up.
  • A combination of colours have to be hit by the heavy state, to make an object appear.
  • A block is moving down some platforms that makes stairs, you have to change to the floaty state to get caught in an updraft from the block hitting a step.
  • Revolving platforms where you must jump to the next platform at the right time.
  • Platforms which move up and down dependant on weight - requiring you to change states repeatedly to allow you to continue on to the next platform.


These ideas/notes are very game like, so I hope with some feedback from the group I will be able to develop them further.