Catherine Woolley


Burgerino - The work of Jon Burgerman


While trying to write up all my blog entries for university work and other goings on, I decided to write up a really quick one, which takes a lot less time of course.


As some people may know I'm quite a fan of Jon Burgerman's work, I still kick myself over not going to GameCity in 2007 as of course Jon attended it (along with Keita Takahashi), he's also signing things at the Forbidden Planet in London on Saturday, but I can't attend that either.


I had a really awesome birthday card this year (a few weeks back) from my sister, I didn't expect it one bit.




I coloured him in myself of course. But I also got another amazing present from my sister which was this.



As you can see I've started doing a bit of colouring in, which I actually did a few hours ago, I can't wait to see it all brightly coloured. (It's wallpaper for those that haven't seen the stuff Jon has made in the past.)


Also the other week I went to videogames live, but before that I managed to pop to Jon's exhibit in London, down Tottenham court road, I'm happy I got to go, especially as it's finished now, was a bit of a small space, but he managed to fit a fair amount of stuff in.



The best part of it though was the anxiety wall, which I have bought two pieces of, off of Jon's website, I can't wait to see which ones I get. I also picked up a packet of stickers from the exhibit, I then also felt I had to buy some more off his website, and a few stickers later my lovely new computer is decorated, I would buy more to put on it, but I ordered a couple of packs and got the same packet I got from London. So I'm afraid I'd get even more duplicates.




Watch this space for more entries soon (hopefully).