Catherine Woolley




Ok so like all good ideas, things change, ideas will spur other ideas in different directions, then turning everything around. From my original brief summary I posted, the game is now going to start inside a large shell like, enclosed area. Which will be enclosed for a brief amount of time, that will branch out after a while onto a wide open area.

The open space will contain Daliesque objects that will have to be scaled up to reach the top.

Coral is now a huge factor in the game, which is also due to why the game takes place in a large shell, I've done a lot of research into coral for it, including gathering a substantial amount of images.

We have chosen coral due to the amazing colours they possess, and the variations that can be found in each one. It will also make it easier when it comes to creating the environment as we then have real items to base it round.

I really enjoyed finding images like the one below, the idea of the species of sea life engulfing a fish/object, along with the free movement that it displays through the current carried in the water, just feeds me with inspiration.

Photograph taken by Stig Thormodsrud

Image is from Deep Sea Images