Catherine Woolley


Chibi Robo!!!

This game is so cute and amazing; I recommend anyone buy it that has a Gamecube and freeloader or a jap Gamecube.


Seriously anyone of any age can play this, it can appeal to both kids and adults, obviously Japanese children as British ones may get a little confused ^^. But yeah you take the role of tiny little robot named chibi robot I think? Probably cos he's rather small looking. It's hard to get the jist of a game when the instructions and game itself are against you.

Well the story from what I've seen and looking at a translation guide is that you are a birthday present to a little girl called Jenny (who seems to be obsessed with frogs as all she seems to say is ribbit) and you were a present from her father, even though according to the mother he only bought it cos he wanted one. Anyway I'm probably sounding a little confusing, bad at explaining stuff when I'm tired :P. But yeah you then figure out how to move the little guy around, or guess how in my case. Then a little after her birthday party you get to tidy up the mess, which involves you picking up the little pieces of trash and storing them inside of you, and you can then throw them into the trash can (from on the floor, where as I spent ages trying to throw in the trash from above the can, how stupid can ya be :P) anyway there’s also this little toothbrush type object that you pick up to clean dirty messes on the floor like paw prints from the pet dog. And it has the coolest music ever. The game itself seems pretty music orientated as there are little sounds with whatever you do, be it washing the floor, walking across different materials or just the diegetic music.
I'd have to say the game itself reminds me of some other game, but I can't quite put my finger on it, I'd like to say it's like Roomania 203, but I don't think it is....something to do with how you are performing little tasks and stuff.
Anyway back to the game, you work for the family night and day (night and day being rather short and ending after a few minutes) but you can still manage to get quite a bit done. Another really cute thing about it, is as he is a little robot he needs an energy source, which happens to be an internal battery, as you can see from the pic of the cover he has a little plug trailing from behind. When you feel you are running low on power (there is a meter to the side displaying how much you have left) you can go up to a socket in the wall, pick up your plug and just slot it in. Doing this also gives you an opportunity to save as well which is handy.
The aim of the game I think is to be the best robot ever, you gain "Happy points" from doing good deeds and also money from doing these deeds or from just picking up coins. The money obviously lets you buy stuff, what that stuff is that you can buy I will never know unless I learn Japanese. But with the happy points the more you have the more your rank goes up, you first start off with a happy little robot with a battery of 80 and a rank of 1000000, but as time goes by your rank goes up along with your battery power depending on if you get to the certain criteria. I currently have a battery of 120 and a rank of 3000 and something. I think.
I remember seeing the game coming out on a newsletter I got from Play-asia and fell in love with it instantly after watching the advert for it, altho I didn't particularly have 35 quid to buy it, altho the other day I did notice it on ebay cheap so I couldn't resist :P.
I would explain about the characters of the game, but its kinda hard to know about them when you don't have a clue to what's going on. Altho I can show pics :D.
I was gonna just find some pics on the net but they all just seem to be the same 11 shots, so I'll take a pic from the instruction book and label it :p.


Hmm so that’s about it, I seriously do recommend it to anyone, as it is really a fun game, I guess as it's so simple it could appeal to any audience. So yeah buy it now :D.