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Creative Zen Micro thingy

um yeah well I wanted to write a bit on this cute little thing I got the other day cos I've been quite impressed with it. It set me back about £175 including the postage which has been the most I've ever spent on a music player, so if I wasn't pleased I'd probably be trying to get rid of it but nah I like it. When i finally got it I was surprised to see that I got a free battery with it, which is good, altho I doubt I'll end up having to use both while I'm out. I guess I could say I was testing the battery out today, it was fully charged up and lasted about 7 hours maybe more, which isn't as good as the said 12 hours of battery life, but I was playing around with it a lot :) It is also easy to change around, being like the back of a mobile phone, it slides off easily and you just pop out the battery.
One thing tho, probably cos I'm not the best when it comes to estimating sizes and stuff but I did actually think it was gonna be smaller and so did my sister as well. I guess its a bit chunkier than I imagined, but its still rather small, its smaller than any music player I've had before anyway :P
One thing I have to admit thats a little annoying is the blue glowing it has, yeah its cute and lets you see it in the dark. But it glows when its charging, even if its turned off. They could of made it do this so you could see it in the dark while its charging I dunno. But its a bit stupid having it glowing away while charging it as it would just be using the battery.
The touchy pad thing is really cool tho in my opinion, it hardly even needs to be touched, you just slide your thumb up lightly pressing down and it moves nicely :) Altho with the sensitivity set to medium its still rather sensitive. Under the system settings in the menu you can name the owner of the player, pretty useless really but I wanted to put my name in there, and only having it for a little while at that point I did get rather frustrated. As I kept selecting the wrong letters as it moved too fast sometimes or I was pressing it as if I was selecting a letter instead of just moving. But I finally got Catherine in there, curse my name for being so long :P but yeah it took a while to get used to but I think after having it for a day I'm finally settled in with it.
Well the headphones that came with it seemed a bit chunky to me and they didn't really wanna fit in my ears that well, probably cos my ears are so small but I can't help that, they should of thought about the people with smaller ears :P but yeah I don't know if they are any good as I didn't really use them.
Its fairly easy to get around the little things GUI its set out nicely and I played music first time with ease. I also tried out the radio on it, which I thought was rather nifty, altho sadly living in an area surrounded by trees I didn't get the best reception. Altho while I was out earlier I tried it and it sounded absolutely fine. I just tried recording the radio, which is another handy feature added in, it did sound a bit fuzzy but that might of been the reception so I'm not that sure.
Recording :) I've tried it once so far with my sister which was surprisingly good, she was rather close to it at the time but it picked up her voice well. Altho it wasn't easy to stop the recording as I had to press the menu button and tell it to stop through there, where I had then recorded for a few seconds which were not needed.
The Software that came on the cd seemed a bit complicated, and to me using wmp10 looked easier to "sync" the music to the little thing, if thats the right term. Yeah altho on the creative software you get various options, and one of them is to organise the music in the device, which was really handy, as a lot of music I put into it had unknown albums or stuff like that, so that sorted that out for me nicely. But I haven't used the other things on the Creative software yet.
It helped that it accepts the more common file types, as my music collection consists of mainly .wma and a few .mp3 and the occasional .wav as I didn't want to go and have to change everything.

Yeah I can't really think of anything else to write at the moment, cept that I'm pleased with it :)

um me

Yeah me looking um pleased with it....well actually I don't but I am :P