Catherine Woolley


Dead Rising

Ok well when this comes out (hopefully on release) my sister is aiming to get it, one as it's a capcom zombie game, which she likes, and two cos it looks bloody amazing.

The only thing I can liken it to really is a George Romero film or maybe Shaun of the Dead, the amount of zombies in this game is immense,
Ok yeah it's just a kill everything before it kills you game, but it looks like a really good one, the zombies all look pretty generic at the moment as it looks like there are only a couple of different skins, hopefully they'll add more. But here are some examples of the game that I think looks surprisingly good.

Here is the main character back when the game was first talked about, he looked a bit too cartoony for my tastes tho, which made me sway away from it.

Here is him from a few days ago at TGS all I can say is he has improved on his looks a lot :).

An Image of him killing various zombies, pretty cool looking, and at least the blood doesn't look like its out of mortal kombat.

This screenshot does the game justice so well, you can also see a better image in the trailer which was shown at TGS which can be found here plus at the end it's funny as well :3

Here is a nice shot from the trailer, looks very zombie/resident evily, with a low shot seeing their legs as they stumble towards the entrance of the mall.

And then a nice picture of outside, which wasn't shown much previously, very nice looking.

Overall I'm looking forward to it and hope it comes out on the 360 release, as even if it's my sister’s game I would really like to play it :).