Catherine Woolley


DS :)

Well after receiving an email a few days ago from Nintendo I will be purchasing a DS on Monday :) I will be buying:

Which means I will be getting the vip limited DS pack thingy, including:
Mario 64 DS
Demo of metroid (comes with every ds)
Demo of wario ware
A t-shirt
And the console itself.
it will set me back £130 but me and my sister are both paying so its half way. It will take a while to get here but after paying on Monday and sending in a form I shall get it before March 11th the release date for it woo yeah :)


woo yeah after like 30 mins of trying to get through the busy line i managed to pay for the ds and me and charloo walked down the road and posted the parental consent form, so yeah should have it like by next week or something that would be cool ^^