Catherine Woolley


EA Announces Flips Percy Jackson

So after the first four Flips titles recently coming out back on December 4th 2009.

On the 14th January Electronic Arts announced a new title in the series which is Percy Jackson, set to release in time for the film.

Flips Percy Jackson

Flips Percy Jackson will include all five books from the fantasy series; Percy Jackson and the Olympians, along with two bonus titles, offering fans a new perspective on the action-packed tales of the modern teenage Demigod, whose mother is a mortal and whose father is the Greek God Poseidon.

The press release went up on a different array of websites, I just thought I'd give it a brief mention on my blog as I worked on it, like the four previous Flips titles.

You can also currently download a demo of it off the Nintendo Channel on the Wii.

I really enjoyed working on it, the best bits are the totally random facts in the text of the books, along with the bestiary. As well as the books themselves not being enjoyable reads.


For anyone that watches the film when it's out and decides they want to read the books I recommend picking up Flips. As I also feel the film won't be as good as the books, and it's always good to read a book after watching the film to see the original text it was created from.